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"year round transportation compliance solutions"


"year round transportation compliance solutions"

Accident Files and Log

Ensuring proper recording of all accidents for management control.  Additionally, how to set up an accident file and what to keep in it.

DOT Forms

Any Department of Transportation form is available.

Driver Evaluations

From routine road testing to post-accident skills evaluations, we have the skills to properly evaluate your drivers to your company's standard.

Driver Qualification Files

How to set up Driver Qualification files and what to maintain in them.

Drug Compliance and Training

Compliance on driver and supervisor certification training is available. Additionally, Pre-hire, Return-to-Duty, Random and Post accident testing is available. Portable test kits are available for your company to place in each vehicle to reduce your expenses, while maintaining a company MRO result.

HazMat Instruction

Certification in Right-to-Know (RTK) training and certification.

HOS Driver Classes (Log Book Training)

Does you driver really know and understand the Hours of Service and know how to properly fill out a daily log?  We can train to your company standards!

Insurance Audits

Do you have an upcoming audit?  We can assist in setting up a show-and-tell binder to exceed your insurance carriers expectations.


Monthly auditing and quarterly filing for the International Fuel Tax.  Annual renewal for International Registration Plan.  Filing for the UCR.

Log Compliance Auditing

Easy, accurate log compliance auditing from the professionals that received a DOT auditors complement on accuracy!

Maintenance Files

Do you have all items required by DOT in your maintenance files? We can assist you or set up files on all your equipment.

Pre-DOT Auditing and Inspections

How accurate are your records? We can preform a pre DOT audit and get you into full compliance to successfully pass a DOT audit with a Satisfactory rating or Continue to Operate. (Depending on your company's Safer scores or CSA scores and past inspections).

Pre and Post-Trip Inspections

Do you know how long to keep a DVIR? Are your drivers properly filling them out and turning them into management? We can set up a tickler system to assist you in management of these forms and a tracking system to ensure repairs are made.

Safety Training

We can design and implement training according to your needs.  Give us a try!

Tie-Down and Load Securement Training

Are your drivers compliant with the new rules that were put into effect in November 2007? Training is one-on-one or as a group using your particular freight and equipment.

Worker Compensation Audits

Is there an impending audit?  We can show you what you need to maintain and ensure continued

Company Newsletters

Customized to your application.  Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or semiannually as you need it.

Safety Newsletters

Designed for your format and needs covering the topics you want and need to keep your company informed!

Corporate Management Training

Have new personnel that need the "edge"? We can assist you in reducing the learning curve and be up to speed more efficiently.

Equipment Training on your Specialty Equipment

New equipment coming in? New employees not knowing the ropes?  We can train for new equipment and employees on how to safely and efficiently to better understand your equipment operation.

Other Needs

Call for a quote with your company's needs.

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